Every so often I’m introduced to a wine that just resonates with me. It could be the packaging, it could be the farm of origin, it could be the taste; but usually it’s this combination of education and emotion that creates the connection. Seasalter wine – a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon from the … Continue Reading

There is something about eating out of doors, without table, chairs or cutlery that makes for an unforgettable experience. Although I live in Cape Town where the opportunities for al fresco eating are endless, a proper picnic is something that I don’t partake in nearly as often as I’d like to. Fortunately I had the opportunity … Continue Reading

For the lover of hot beverage, summer can be a daunting time when considering an appropriate beverage before 6pm G&T’s. While not the most avid of coffee drinkers myself, I far prefer the iced version to it’s warmer counterpart. In my opinion, winter is for hot chocolate. But what if one could combine the two … Continue Reading

This article first appeared on Bizcommunity.com and is entitled “How Migrant Cooking has Revolutionised Westernised Food”. Here I’ve adapted my original post slightly in order to make it blog-relevant. What is the new definition of Westernised food in a world as ethnically interwoven as ours? No longer solely the space for butter and bouquet garni, the concept of Westernised food in … Continue Reading

As far as meals go, breakfast is the one that invariably outshines the rest. It’s the initial eat of the day and if you’re lucky enough, the one whose scent coaxes you out of bed with a smile on your face and rumble in your belly. The limited possibilities of breakfast only succeed in making it … Continue Reading