Although I’m a West Coast girl at heart, if there was one town I’d be quite content to escape to, it would be Stanford. This little riverside hamlet is – in my opinion – the jewel of the Overberg region. Settled on the banks of the Klein River, Stanford marks the halfway point between the … Continue Reading

While the weather in Cape Town might suggest otherwise, I’m craving bright summery seafood dishes. Enter my grilled Monkfish with chorizo, clams and ClemenGold®. Often an overlooked option, monkfish makes a deliciously sustainable alternative to lobster – especially when topped with a rich sauce of tiny briny clams and smoky chorizo. Full of bold flavour, … Continue Reading

Dig out your flared jeans and dust off your disco vinyl – we’re heading back to the Seventies with a classic cheese fondue. I need to start off by admitting that I have a serious thing for this particular decade. Although a self-confessed minimalist, I often secretly yearn for clunky wooden clogs, pageboy haircuts, glamorous … Continue Reading

No Mediterranean meze platter would be complete with whitebait. These tasty little snacks have their origins everywhere from Australia to Japan but I love the Italian and Greek versions best. Known as gianchetti, cicenielli or ceruses depending on the area one is in, Italian whitebait are prepared simply – either made into fritters, croquettes or floured … Continue Reading

I’ll never say no to adding another chicken recipe to the weeknight repertoire. Enter my Roast Chicken with Paprika and Bay – your new favourite way to cook chook. Liberally basted in a paprika chilli butter and roasted with a bay leaf or two until golden in this beautiful Le Creuset Signature cast iron roaster, … Continue Reading