Every so often a snack comes around that has me so infatuated that, like a fussy toddler, I cannot even comprehend the eating of anything else for at least a week. My most recent experience of having overly selective tastebuds came courtesy of the classic Reuben bagel, devoured with delectation from Max Bagels in Cape … Continue Reading

During my stay in London over their 2013 heatwave, I found my myself existing off solely one food item – falafel. Living in the suburb of Shepherd’s Bush with its strong ties to both Lebanese and Pakistani cultures, these little fried balls of deliciousness often made up both breakfast and dinner on my way to … Continue Reading

It’s been said that cleanliness is next to godliness and friendliness is next to neighbourliness – or something along those lines. Bibles and broomsticks aside, the opportunity to spend an afternoon with friends both old and new while sampling some legitimately delicious food of the Mediterranean persuasion simply cannot be passed up. Although us native … Continue Reading

Let me come clean with you by confessing that I am both a millennial and a technophobe. When it comes to technology, my mantra is that if it works for you then why change. I’ve got my old favourites that I use in rotation and would be quite content to carry on utilising them – … Continue Reading

When it comes to the hospitality industry, I’ve never quite understood the concept of “low season”. Relatives of mine that have been lucky enough to visit places like Greece told of how most hotels and restaurants shut their doors completely after the summertime flow of tourists has trickled off and the cooler weather sets in. To … Continue Reading