A twist on the Cape classic, I baste a delicious whole snoek with a sticky fig and balsamic glaze to be cooked over the coals. This ferocious fish inhabits the waters of the West Coast, an apex predator that requires careful handling when landed. The teeth of the snoek contain anti-coagulants which means a bite … Continue Reading

October is Pinotage month and I’m celebrating this proudly local blend with two of Bellingham’s excellent wines as part of a recipe pairing. But first, why is Pinotage such a special wine to South Africans? In short, Pinotage belongs exclusively to us, having been created back in 1925 by Abraham Izak Perold – the first … Continue Reading

A dish that is as beautiful to look as it is to eat, Italian-styled steamed clams have to my dinner party starter staple. While some of the only clams indigenous to South Africa are our white sand mussels, these little molluscs are imported from Italy where they occur naturally in tidal lagoons and estuaries. I … Continue Reading

There’s no better place to enjoy authentic Moules Frites than at Den Anker – a celebrated Belgian eatery and V&A Waterfront stalwart. Having been around almost as long as the waterfront itself, Den Anker automatically comes to mind when recommending a restaurant to visitors. Perched right at the harbour edge, the eatery’s large windows ensure … Continue Reading

There is something very special about cooking with and eating fruits and vegetables that you’ve grown yourself. Each mouthful is heightened by the knowledge that this tomato or this aubergine has only been made possible through the toil and care you’ve invested in ensuring it’s health. Often those who call the city and suburbs home … Continue Reading