While summer may be more popular, off-season at Spier Wine Farm is in my opinion the best time to visit. Devoid of crowds, one can really take one’s time exploring the farm, the lush indigenous gardens, the historic Werf and hotel. I had the pleasure of spending a quiet weekend at the iconic Stellenbosch estate … Continue Reading

While I might profess to be an ardent fan of slow food (which I am) there is something inherently appealing about a fuss-free dish that can be conjured out of the pantry in under 20 minutes. My tagliatelle with anchovy, artichokes and mushrooms is just one of those sorts of dishes – making use of … Continue Reading

There’s more to the West Coast than windswept beaches and bokkoms. I travelled up to the fishing town of Lambert’s Bay in search of one of the area’s best-kept secrets – the celebrated single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc cultivated on Kookfontein wine estate. Settled in a small valley a mere 5 minutes from the centre of Lambert’s … Continue Reading

For the past ten years, Father’s Day has been bittersweet occurrence. Having lost my father to cancer in the July of 2007, the day in question recalls my memories of him – and throws into sharp relief that I lost him far too soon. As one leaves childhood and becomes an adult, I feel that … Continue Reading

The images used in this blog post first appeared in an article for House & Leisure Online that is entitled “Order at the (Publik Wine) Bar”. Here I’ve written a post of my own to accompany those images. Taking up residence in the corner that used to house Hallelujah (famed for lobster rolls and a very Instagrammable exterior), Publik … Continue Reading