There’s more to the West Coast than windswept beaches and bokkoms. I travelled up to the fishing town of Lambert’s Bay in search of one of the area’s best-kept secrets – the celebrated single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc cultivated on Kookfontein wine estate. Settled in a small valley a mere 5 minutes from the centre of Lambert’s … Continue Reading

For the past ten years, Father’s Day has been bittersweet occurrence. Having lost my father to cancer in the July of 2007, the day in question recalls my memories of him – and throws into sharp relief that I lost him far too soon. As one leaves childhood and becomes an adult, I feel that … Continue Reading

In celebration of this year’s Africa Day, I was invited to experience a locally-inspired lunch at Zeitz MOCAA Food – the restaurant accompanying the breathtaking gallery space below. Presiding over a view encompassing the harbour, Table Mountain range, the city bowl and Lion’s Head, Zeitz MOCAA Food certainly is an eatery unlike any other. Located … Continue Reading

This article first appeared in House & Leisure Online and is entitled “Sicilian-style Stuffed Squid with Risotto”. Here I’ve adapted my original post slightly in order to make it blog-relevant. While most species of squid are sustainably caught, our local Cape Hope Squid makes the best choice when it comes to their carbon footprint. Cape Hope Squid are caught off … Continue Reading

I believe it was the celebrated food critic, the late AA Gill who said; “The single greatest invention of the twentieth century? Easy. There is no contest. Eggs Benedict.” The simplest combination of a toasted English muffin topped with a tangy, creamy sauce with the slight give of a perfectly poached egg, all layered over salmon … Continue Reading