Redolent of holiday flavour, my recipe for Cherry and Almond Cake is inspired by richly moist Italian tea cakes. Growing up, discovering fresh cherries in the supermarket was cause for great excitement. Usually found only in tins or of the glacé variety, cherries symbolise celebration – the burst of sweetness in a festive fruit loaf, … Continue Reading

Nothing says Autumn quite like an apple crumble. This comfortingly cosy dessert is made all the more warming with the addition of tenderly poached quince and a few measures of Rietvallei Muscadel. Cheerful red Royal Gala apples are roasted in honey, bay and Muscadel and blanketed under a mixture of oats, sticky brown sugar and … Continue Reading

While I’m sad to see the back of winter, I am eagerly awaiting summery climes and fresh citrus flavours. Seedless and juicy, LemonGold® lemons are the ideal choice to make this densely syrupy LemonGold, olive oil and almond cake inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. LemonGold®, olive oil and almond cake Prep time: 30 mins /Cook time: … Continue Reading

For the lover of hot drinks, summer can be a daunting time when considering an appropriate beverage before 6pm G&Ts. While not the most avid of coffee drinkers myself, I far prefer the iced version to it’s warmer counterpart. In my opinion, winter is for hot chocolate. But what if one could combine the two … Continue Reading

This article first appeared in House & Leisure Online and is entitled “West Coast Wander: At home with history in Hopefield”. It is accompanied by a recipe – “Poached Pear & Rooibos Pavlova”. Here I’ve adapted my original post slightly in order to make it blog-relevant. Located inland, Hopefield was originally known as the gateway to the West Coast, as … Continue Reading