Indulging in your favourite takeaway treat needn’t require one to leave the house. A detail that is especially tempting when the weather turns chilly. I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon making my own mushroom dumplings to be paired with clear chicken broth. Redolent of garlic, ginger and the umami meatiness of mushrooms, these little parcels … Continue Reading

Anchovy butter is currently on heavy rotation in my kitchen. Able to be added to a repertoire of recipes, the umami appeal of bottled brown anchovy fillets are tempered with creamy butter and black pepper. Appealing to all the allium-lovers out there, I also like to add a crushed garlic clove into the mix, especially … Continue Reading

Possibly the most popular party dish of the 21st century, hummus has developed into so much more than a snack – it’s a way of life. From the vegan explosion of the past few years to the surging popularity of the Mediterranean diet, hummus has played an integral part in bringing a taste of the … Continue Reading

A tranquil Sunday spent under the trees experiencing the food of La Motte was much needed after a manic week. The famed Franschhoek wine estate has their own popular restaurant – Pierneef à La Motte – that serves up contemporary haute cuisine on the estate’s classic surroundings. Diners can opt to eat al fresco in … Continue Reading

As far as meals go, breakfast is the one that invariably outshines the rest. It’s the initial eat of the day and if you’re lucky enough, the one whose scent coaxes you out of bed with a smile on your face and rumble in your belly. The limited possibilities of breakfast only succeed in making it … Continue Reading