Chicken or beef? When it comes to good prego, I’m not too fussed either way. As long as there’s a tastebud-tingling ratio of vinegar, garlic, oil and heat, a floury roll and tender protein this humble street food offering has my vote every single time. A lover of prego since my mother made me my … Continue Reading

This article first appeared in Wanted magazine and is entitled “Two Brothers from Another Sea”. Here I’ve adapted my original post slightly in order to make it blog-relevant. Apart from the temperature, what do the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean have in common? A revolutionary move to bring together two chefs from two different continents … Continue Reading

Muisbosskerm – the first restaurant of its kind to open on the Cape West Coast. Free from haute cuisine and cutlery, Muisbosskerm is unquestionably the most popular open-air eatery in South Africa. Since its inception in the early Nineties, there have been many interpretations but none have come close to the real thing. Although my … Continue Reading

A tranquil Sunday spent under the trees experiencing the food of La Motte was much needed after a manic week. The famed Franschhoek wine estate has their own popular restaurant – Pierneef à La Motte – that serves up contemporary haute cuisine on the estate’s classic surroundings. Diners can opt to eat al fresco in … Continue Reading

Castled in her Duinhuis home, Isabella Niehaus is indisputably the reigning queen of West Coast cuisine. I’d often been regaled with stories of her langtafel lunches, tureens of fresh oysters, local wines and tables groaning under dishes of Isabella’s excellent cooking. I finally had the opportunity to experience one of her lunches for myself, as … Continue Reading