Incepted during last year’s hard lockdown, I’ve been saving this recipe for Roasted Broccoli and Ricotta Ravioli in a silkily golden anchovy butter sauce.  Well “saving” might be the incorrect term – rather, the truth is that I just haven’t gotten around to posting it yet. Almost ideal for Meatless Monday (I simply refuse to leave out … Continue Reading

My simple mushroom risotto is unquestionably one of the most comforting dishes to prepare and enjoy. The ultimate in slow food, a good risotto comprises of a few simple steps with arborio rice and time as the predominant ingredients. Risotto is a warming one-bowl meal adaptable to many flavours. Here, a selection of mushrooms are … Continue Reading

Another crowd favourite from my cookbook, this recipe for Potato Pizzetta is a great way to enjoy everyone’s favourite takeaway at home. Don’t a copy of your own yet? You can shop West Coast Wander here.  Essentially a small pizza, a pizzetta involves little more than adding a topping of choice to a thin dough … Continue Reading

The downward spiral into summer has me reminiscing with nostalgic fondness for winter’s vegetable bounty – especially foraged finds like veldkool. Referred to as wild asparagus, veldkool (Trachyandra Ciliata) comes into season during the rainy West Coast winter, sending out succulent buds that can be harvested and enjoyed in soups, stews or simply sautéed in … Continue Reading

For the past ten years, Father’s Day has been bittersweet occurrence. Having lost my father to cancer in the July of 2007, the day in question recalls my memories of him – and throws into sharp relief that I lost him far too soon. As one leaves childhood and becomes an adult, I feel that … Continue Reading