I’m generally a four pairs of shoes kinda girl. While I can most often be found in either Birkenstocks, sneakers or loafers, the classic leather ankle boot is still a firm favourite. After breaking my ankle pretty damn badly last year, I haven’t yet braved any kind of heel. But nine months on I feel … Continue Reading

My love for an impromptu weekend away is no secret. Especially if the destination in question is the Cape West Coast. In the few years I’ve been a travel writer, I have become somewhat of an expert on packing light. No longer content to carry myriad pieces of luggage containing multiple outfit changes, my ideal … Continue Reading

A few weeks ago, on an otherwise insignificant day such as this one, I received the invitation to attend the latest soirée from Salon 58 – Trace. A curated cultivation and celebration of creativity, Salon 58 is the magnum opus of style doyenne Jackie Burger, begun after paying a visit to the salon of Coco … Continue Reading

Remember that Sophie Kinsella book-turned-film Confessions of a Shopaholic? I used to dream of attending sample sales and finding a pair of red stiletto boots that I would buy through a combination of impulsive rationale (an oxymoron or just a moron?) and obsessive jealousy at the thought of someone else getting her feet into them before … Continue Reading

Winter is my favourite season. It never used to be, but as I grow older I find that I appreciate the solace and the introspection that cold weather can bring. I also appreciate being able to layer on the kind of clothing that allows me to eat as many buttery crumpets as I want to … Continue Reading