When it comes to the hospitality industry, I’ve never quite understood the concept of “low season”. Relatives of mine that have been lucky enough to visit places like Greece told of how most hotels and restaurants shut their doors completely after the summertime flow of tourists has trickled off and the cooler weather sets in. To … Continue Reading

In roughly ten days time, the Wacky Wine Weekend is scheduled to uncork itself in the same effervescent style that guests of this annual event have come to expect each year. This brings good news to any oenophiles reading this post between the end of May and the beginning of June 2017 as tickets are … Continue Reading

The Franschhoek Valley has always seemed to me a bit of an enigma. Situated in one of the most picturesque stretches of wine country the Western Cape has to offer, this affluent area is the well-heeled home of racehorses, prize cattle, world-renowned wines and grandiose estates that date back a few centuries. It it also … Continue Reading

My personal relationship with Four Cousins Wines began when I was in my late teens and the drinking of saccharinely sweet rosé was considered the appropriate choice for any occasion from weekend house parties to holidays at the seaside. Later on, after developing my preference for crisp dry whites and the robust spice that I … Continue Reading

December in the southern hemisphere holds an environmental alternative to the idea of snowed-in streets, roaring log fires and red wine spiked with cinnamon and clove. Relentlessly blue skies and climes reaching into the upper thirties and beyond means that Christmas is spent in a pleasant combination of indoors in the heat of the day, … Continue Reading