This article first appeared in House & Leisure Online and is entitled “Sauvignon, salt and sunshine – exploring the wines of the Kelp Coast”. Here I’ve adapted my original post slightly in order to make it blog-relevant. During my time living up the West Coast, Arend and myself headed north on a mission to further explore the wines found … Continue Reading

What with winter still being out in full force in the Western Cape, one dreams of whiling away a weekend accompanied by a well-tended log fire, a few bottles of warming red and a shelf filled with dog-eared paperbacks. Fortuitously, this is exactly what we came to experience at the luxurious Wildekrans Country House in … Continue Reading

Encompassing the best of what the valley had to offer, the Robertson Slow festival features an array of curated activities for those looking to immerse themselves in wine culture. From lengthy dinners with the winemakers, to informative tastings and country markets filled with goodies to eat and drink, the Robertson Slow festival is designed to … Continue Reading

Often an overlooked town – and one that up until now I hadn’t ever properly explored – Saldanha Bay has come into its own as another wonderful Weskus destination. A group of local folks involved in permaculture, food, wine and hospitality have joined forces to create The Saldanha Experience – an interactive event aimed at … Continue Reading

While summer may be more popular, off-season at Spier Wine Farm is in my opinion the best time to visit. Devoid of crowds, one can really take one’s time exploring the farm, the lush indigenous gardens, the historic Werf and hotel. I had the pleasure of spending a quiet weekend at the iconic Stellenbosch estate … Continue Reading