While summer may be more popular, off-season at Spier Wine Farm is in my opinion the best time to visit. Devoid of crowds, one can really take one’s time exploring the farm, the lush indigenous gardens, the historic Werf and hotel. I had the pleasure of spending a quiet weekend at the iconic Stellenbosch estate … Continue Reading

There’s more to the West Coast than windswept beaches and bokkoms. I travelled up to the fishing town of Lambert’s Bay in search of one of the area’s best-kept secrets – the celebrated single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc cultivated on Kookfontein wine estate. Settled in a small valley a mere 5 minutes from the centre of Lambert’s … Continue Reading

This article first appeared in House & Leisure Online and is entitled “Wagging Tails and Wine Estates – Pet-friendly Getaways in the Robertson Valley”. Here I’ve adapted my original post slightly in order to make it blog-relevant. Although I currently live a mere 30 minutes from the centre of Cape Town, I’m a country mouse at heart. There is … Continue Reading

Of the myriad possibilities living in Cape Town can bring, little can compare to enjoying a night in one of the city’s most fortuitously located hotels. Getting to spend a weekend at The Marly boutique hotel is unequivocally an experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to get better acquainted with the best of what … Continue Reading

After spending almost three decades’ worth of holidays along its shores, I still jump at every chance for a West Coast weekend. This time around I explored Elands Bay – a seaside hamlet mainly known for surfing and crayfish, although what with the latter now listed as endangered, the costly crustacean was entirely off the … Continue Reading