A French breakfast favourite that translates to baked eggs, Oeufs en Cocotte is a comfortingly simple recipe that can be customised to suit every taste. While serrano ham, smoked trout and oozy Camembert have been used here, oeufs en cocotte is delicious with anything from grilled mushrooms to spinach, roasted tomatoes, prosciutto or grated Cheddar. … Continue Reading

I’ve spent this slow, rainy weekend languidly preparing jars of zesty ClemenGold marmalade from scratch. Using a hint of lemon to counter the sweetness and a few bay leaves for aromatic appeal, the scent of simmering marmalade fills the house with it’s citrusy perfume and I take pleasure in the steadiness of each step – from fruit … Continue Reading

As far as meals go, breakfast is the one that invariably outshines the rest. And for me, the humble Boiled Egg reigns supreme.